Ecstasy (Poem)

We laughed all through the night Candle flickering Galactic symphonies Bellowing from our bellies The jokes are light They illuminate our bond Pulling smiles across our present As we reminisce the past Times when we were Younger, Stupider, Happier Poking fun at how we handled Past arguments Snickering because we’ve been Kicked out of clubs…

To Stop this Madness (Poem)

Oh, how I was wrong To think the Dark Days could be counted They seemingly go on and on The present moment always gone My thoughts chasing aching memories That trickle to my chest cavity Reflection Reflection Reflection Oh, to stop the madness Takes the will to be reborn

Thank you for Sharing your Life with Me

Perhaps we choose our lives before we’re born. Perhaps we don’t. Whatever the case, we can indeed choose who we share our living moments with once we’ve embodied independence. Share your time with those that bring you smiles, higher vibes, and talk about ideas rather than people. Trust in the people that affirm your goals….