A 2020 Christmas

Despite not being able to attend the Parade of Lights as well as other fun holiday events and activities due to COVID-19 regulations, we still had a good Christmas. What mattered was we were able to see the entire family and have a great time with one another. We showered each other with love, gifts, laughs, and food.

Christmas Eve is always a magical night. The house was filled with delicious scents of meats and cheeses, sweets and coffee. Pine mingled with it from the candles. Presents filled the floor beneath the tree that blinked and glittered with ornaments spanning across generations. The fireplace roared with a strong flame.

Family is always fun, especially when Uncle Matt and his kids are there. They are the chaos that makes me smile. Loud, rowdy, happy and silly. There’s always interesting conversations to be had or heard.

I will teach you the joy that comes from giving to your loved ones. Taking the time and effort to think about them when they are not around is a gift in itself – but to show it with your actions is far more rewarding.

Opening presents… I dropped the phone 🤷🏼‍♀️

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  1. Stay blessed 💖💖

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