Sliding (Poem)

Ba-boom, what does is beat for?

For this body to do something
For this brain to think something
But what are these… things?

I thought I once knew, but now
New sinews of synapses have perused
My soul’s paradox
And imbues the grooves of my heart
In the form of transcendent art

I watch the essence of my soul
Dissipate into distant stars
Rearranging the DNA of my experience

I have felt souls from distant galaxies
And I have touched their hearts
As they have touched mine

Why… why am I sliding again
When eternity lovingly holds my hand?

It’s the brain
Rewiring all the same
Patterns in this matrix game


Today is Christmas Eve. We are going to have an incredible day celebrating with family. While this poem might be seemingly low-vibe, I’m actually in good spirits today. Excited to enjoy another Christmas with the people that mean the most to me.

Me with a Secret Santa gift ❤
The pic I sent Uncle Matt because… circle game.

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