Awaiting Your Wake (Poem)

The shift has happened
The questions you ask are not meant for me
They are meant for you

Your dark night awaits
When it comes you will feel hopeless
Your heart will crack with every tear you shed
Until it breaks
And the dam of your emotions will release

A gush of unrelenting pain that lasts days
Consuming every thought
Feeding off your fear
No one will save you except yourself
Because you are your only hero
You always have been
And when you do…


When the silence comes,
Your soul has something to tell you.
Prepare for enlightenment.
Prepare for sorrow’s after-effects.
And know this…

When you can walk through the darkness without crying,
When you can see your past without sobbing,
When you can listen to your own aching heart and
hold it; touch it; heal it,
When you can forgive yourself for the
Lies and abuse you put yourself through…

It is finally over.

It will be time for You to
with Me
and together,
Our Soul shall be revived

From “Santalum Album” by Harmony Devi

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