Discovering my own Complex with Promises

I have been learning how to not rely on the meaning of words. Every human deciphers and perceives differently, therefore being sure of what another truly means or how they interpret you on a deeper level is nearly impossible to know.

What I’ve found to be best is following feelings. Not emotions, but feelings. They are different. We can control our emotions, but we cannot control our feelings. They come to us from a different, energetic realm that interacts with the energies surrounding us.

  • Do we see a correlation between memories and emotions? Are our emotions linked to the past? The synapses connected to personal memories can fire at an alarming rate. (Does anger cause the segment of brain that stores memories to light up? Diff types of anger – ) This can create false feelings AKA emotions when we reflect.

Our intuition is the workings of our mind with our feelings. When we become better aware of our feelings – that is to say, when we become better aware of sensing the tugs and pulls of energy around us, we can then use our mind to handle our surroundings in the physical realm and other beings appropriately.

I had been taking what people say too seriously. And it isn’t their fault. It’s mine, for thinking that I should be holding people to what they say. Even I have gone back on my word. I have even eliminated the words “promise” and “swear” from my vocabulary because these are sacred words to me. Their meaning and their bond can transcend dimensions. However, those that misuse these words have not yet discovered their power.

So when I hear someone say “promise” or “I swear” I always want to laugh. That’s why when I recently asked someone to make a promise to me, I realized my mistake after I said it. I suddenly knew that it was going to cause issues because it causes issues with me. But there was an authentic part of me that felt like the promise was an easy one to keep. Perhaps at an energetic level.

But realizing my mistake happened so that I could reflect. Pull together the pieces of my psyche and examine them.

The experience made me realize I have a complex with promises that I wasn’t facing. Despite eliminating “promise” and “swear” from my vocabulary, I still held people to their word and would always get angry or disappointed at them when they wouldn’t deliver.

  • Words are spells. Spells are words. What we think and then manifest must begin with an order and ingredients – a spell, of sorts. Words explaining the idea to another, so that it can be seen in their mind’s eye.

Still, there is something in me that finds words so beautiful. They can bless our conscious mind with images and visions and hopes and dreams which then find their way into our subconscious and vice versa – we can use words to comprehend messages from the subconscious.

Words can entangle what we see in our mind’s eye with that of another. As spiritual beings, words and language truly help slip us into other dimensions within our minds.

  • It makes me sad when I hear someone put themselves down. I always feel the need to correct them. There is too much negativity in the air, and I have no problem being a ray of sunshine that cleanses the minds of those I meet, if only for a few moments. When you put yourself down, you are subconsciously living at the equivalent low-level vibration.

I guess that’s why I take words so seriously. I value authenticity, so those who live life authentically as they find their soul’s alignment have my respect. Use them to create happiness and spread love, not to ruin someone’s day or misalign their thoughts with your actions. Too many of us don’t see the power of our words. Those that do are of a different kind. Luckily for me, it can be learned.

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