A Period of Deep Healing

My Little Love,

I’m rapidly moving through a reflective period. As you grow older, a realization begins to surface. There’s so many different ways of thinking and perceiving. The possibilities of how your thoughts align are infinite.

You have enough knowledge to know that there are billions of stars out there, but to know each star, you must explore it yourself and experience it yourself.

There is no “right” or “wrong”. There is the way of love and the way of stagnation.

When you find that absolutely everything in this entire Universe is beautiful, it is easier to comprehend the concept of compassion and the concept of detachment. Do you know another word for detachment?


Your mind will never be free until you learn to detach yourself from people, places, and things. Only then will you find peace and ultimately freedom. This is not something you have to think about when you’re young. But as you begin collecting your own wisdom, you may find yourself wondering why you do not feel fully satisfied in some facet of your life. When this happens, I hope you read these letters.

I am learning to find my freedom and heal myself.

I am currently healing generational curses – and by curses, I mean the faulty ways of thinking and perceiving that family has instilled me. I am ridding them of my mind so that I do not accidentally teach you faulty ways of perceiving and thinking.

I am finally taking a fresh look at my past with the wisdom I’ve acquired. I had been repressing a lot of old memories. Memories I must now face and pull the lessons I need from.

This is why I’ve been experiencing phantom pains. I take good care of my body – but my mind has not been thinking high-vibe thoughts. This affects the body based on which chakra is being blocked, or rather, the area of your life you are not living your truth. I’ve been having trouble with neck pains (and I am currently going to a chiropractor and getting monthly massages which has helped – but they only helped for a while… the pains are back despite this) as well as dry throat and headaches.

I haven’t been living my truth – and it’s partially because I don’t know what my truth is. This is why I’ve been so sad lately and why I’ve finally come to the realization that I need to do some deep healing.

I recently healed my heart chakra, but it’s still quite tender and fragile. I must keep it safe as I move on to fixing my throat chakra.

My confidence/solar plexus chakra is waning – but it will be replenished once we visit with your physical therapist Carolyn and get the recommendation for the new KAFOs that you need. Once they’re made, I’ll feel so much better and more confident in your healing process.

Today I have a zoom meeting with the two doctors working on your treatment. Once their treatment undergoes human trials, we can get it for you. This is still going to take a few years. The animal models have shown promising results – their nerves stopped degenerating and there was even improvement in their leg movements! Babygirl, if this treatment helps the long nerves of your legs grow – you will be able to move them properly – and we can work on strengthening those little muscles of yours so you can finally stand and run and play with the other kids on a playground.

The meeting starts soon. I’m excited to hear their new findings. For you, my little love.


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