Pandemic Halloween 2020

Dear Mana-Moona,

Despite the pandemic, we trick-or-treated. Maybe one-third of the people wore masks (haha, I mean the medical kind). You wanted to go home after two blocks but the rest of us kept going. I trick-or-treated for you wearing my Jack Skellington onesie. LOL

It was so much fun with Taonna, Bubba, Phoebe, Uncle Matt, and your dad. We were chased by a space clown. Some houses were done up incredibly detailed. Candy got thrown at us.

You had fun with Phoebe and Aunt Candi and Grandma and Grandpa. Aunt Candi wiped down all of your candy for you using disinfectant wipes. Grandma ran out of candy and had to make more bags. That hasn’t happened in years! LOL I feel like it has something to do with the election.

Yes, it’s a doozy. Trump versus Biden. Who will win? Nobody knows.

Anyway, I’m happy you were a shimmering fox this year and that both you and Phoebe had a great time. You got so much candy it’s ridiculous, but I was sad to see there weren’t many foreign candies in your pile… sadness. I used to look forward to those… lol…

I love you and we’re going to have great and balanced day today on the first day of my birth month.

Cheers, babygirl!


Mama’s Diary:

I think my throat chakra is all ache-y because my entire life has been thrown off track. I’m not expressing myself to the fullest right now. In a good way, mind you, because I’ve been distracted with Halloween and fun.

But now order is expected again.

Your father and I have been indulging in seltzers this past week. It isn’t good for my health regime because it adds unneeded calories and alcohol isn’t good for the body to process – I even skipped two of my six days of exercise last week. So I am bouncing back today because I haven’t been expressing the healthy lifestyle I want.

I also have not been engaging in enough creative outlets. I haven’t written much, I haven’t done anything more with my coffee table. That starts up again today. I’ll dedicate 30 minutes towards the coffee table I’m creating while you play ABC Mouse on my computer. I’ll make this post today.

But now there’s the question of headaches that I’ve been getting. I suppose now that I’m re-gaining balance, I must look into what is hindering my third eye chakra. What is hindering my intuition or instincts? Do I still feel disconnected from others or perhaps nature or perhaps even from my own thoughts? Am I judging others unconsciously? Am I confused about my life purpose?

I know the answers to some, but I need to meditate on how to re-align my thoughts on them all.

I love you, babygirl. I hope these words prove useful someday.

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