Thank you for Sharing your Life with Me

Perhaps we choose our lives before we’re born. Perhaps we don’t. Whatever the case, we can indeed choose who we share our living moments with once we’ve embodied independence.

Share your time with those that bring you smiles, higher vibes, and talk about ideas rather than people. Trust in the people that affirm your goals. Walk away from those that sour them.

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December 30, 2015

My Perfect Present,

Christmas was lovely. Grandma Evelyn and Grandpa Hoyt and Uncle Matt and Aunt Candi all were generous to your father and I. We received tons of gits despite being unable to hand out gifts ourselves. They are going to love you so much. Your family can’t wait to meet you and spoil you 🙂 Your father and I were also approved for a beautiful apartment – your first home we move into in January. And, I just bought your crib. I’m so happy right now! My life is moving forward, I’m starting a family, my mind is content, and I owe it all to you. Thank you for being mine. Ours. Thank you for choosing me and your father as parents. We are so grateful for you.

September 12, 2020

The hand reaches from the clouds with a galactic gift. The path is beautiful now but there are mountains to be climbed in the future.

Indeed, I was feeling so incredibly happy when I wrote this. I’m channeling this happiness and allowing it to radiate through me now. It is pure.

I loved the apartment we lived in. It was the perfect size and had a great view of the pool I would take you to twice or thrice a week. It was the second floor. It was close to a Sprouts and Target and Barnes and Noble… How I miss that cute little apartment. It was perfect for us at the time.

I still tell you everyday thank you for being mine. I believe you knew what life you were going to have before being given one on this planet. Just as I believe I knew too. And you chose me as your mother, and Hasib as your father. I am honored, even now – you are only four but display so much promise. I will help cultivate your talents, because they must be shared with humanity.

No one’s talents are meant to be kept to themselves. We are all here to share our talents with each other. You have a naturally kind heart (you just told your water therapist you love her) and you already spread happiness in the forms of smiles and waves wherever you go. You are living light; living love. Never forget this.

But also don’t forget that you embrace your shadow – you do not hide it or deny it – you find the right outlets for it. I am still discovering how to do this myself, but I will be teaching you on the way. I have already caught you teaching your stuffed animals how to deal with anger and sadness – punching pillows or crying/screaming into them – but not throwing them. This is just the beginning. You will start finding more positive, creative ways to express yourself soon.

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