The Great Beauty of the Unknown

Today I started the day with meditation in the craft room – just for the sake of a new environment. What I discovered about my mission was this:

These letters come from my purest sense of love. So I share this love with humanity.

I know you’ll understand, Sitarra. Your mind is flowing with ideas and you comprehend incredibly well. I will raise you to love humanity, this planet, and your self.

I will teach you how to authentically express yourself – which you’re pretty much already doing. And I will teach you how to share your experience so that others may learn and grow with you. Perhaps you are teaching me more than I am teaching you, now that I think about it.

I’m still learning too – each day I reflect on what is fueling me, what unknowns in the future peak my interest, and how I’m going to reach the stars I’ve mapped. But you help ground me into the moment – a vital necessity otherwise I might go mad. You’re what pulls my entire reality together and helps me to make sense of it all.

When worry crowds your mind, remember, there are people you still have to meet, places you still have to go, and adventures that await your call. There are far more unknowns to be excited about than there are to be worried about. Allow your mind to visualize all the great outcomes. Allow your reality to be the visualizations already birthed in your head. The Universe will respond enthusiastically and grant you surprises beyond your imaginings.

This is the great beauty of the unknown. Where imagination is but a stepping stone.

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