We are Gifts from the Universe to Each Other

November 26, 2015

My Dear Gift,

Today is Thanksgiving. I am most thankful for you. Before finding out I was pregnant, I thought for a few fleeting moments every so often, that I, or your father, were unable to have children. You are a valuable gift. You are an enlightenment. I’m at seven months and it’s all so surreal to me – still. I love you – hope you enjoyed dinner 😊 Your first-time having Thanksgiving at Madar and Padar’s House!

September 10, 2020

We switch having Thanksgiving between my parents’ house and your dad’s parents’ house. Next year, it will be in our own home. It will be a grand feast, and we’ll have both sets of grandparents over.

You are a gift. Why are you a gift? Because you help people. You help me understand what it’s like to be young and innocent again. You helped soften your dad’s attitude and heart – making him a bit more gentle and compassionate. He’s currently excited to begin filming you for a YouTube channel. I think you have the capabilities to capture the hearts of a large audience.

You ensure grandparents aren’t bored – you give them a reason to be excited and happy. You show other kids how brave and kind you are. You make everyone laugh. Your aunts and uncles love your company and are proud of you. You brighten someone’s day each time you wave and smile at them. And wow, you sure do love to wave and smile at everyone.

You are my gift to the world. You can argue that you’re your own person and refuse to be labeled as a “gift” – but the truth is, we are all gifts to each other. Without each other, there’s no point to life. What is a birthday party with one person? What is a concert with one person? What is a football game with only one person?

I hope that one day you see how beautiful each human being is, because each one of us is a gift to one another – either to love or to learn a lesson.

I pulled the Chariot with this entry. Perhaps I only wrote it to mention we had celebrated Thanksgiving for your first time as you sat in my belly. But with the Chariot lingering there, perhaps it was a sign that things were working in our favor at the time. I was in control of my life and prayed to the Universe every morning for your health and a great future. I had stable work. Everything was in perfect alignment. It serves also as a warning to stay focused through turbulent times. To maintain strength and willpower and to stay organized and on a planned path.

Looking back I see that though you had some problems with your little ankles and legs when you were born, it didn’t really change much. We just saw doctors and therapists more than the average parent, but I feel very blessed that we didn’t need any more medical maintenance than that. It could have been so much worse – so, Thank You, Universe, for my healthy baby that just needs braces to walk. She is the meaning behind my actions now.

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