Make the Memories you Want & Cleanse your Spirit Often

November 7, 2015

My Future Child,

One day you won’t be a child anymore. I both love and dislike the thought. I want you to truly enjoy this life, every second, every memory. That’s all we’ll have when we leave this life. I hope I give you great ones. When you’re an adult, you’ll have fantastic memories with others. You are my gift to the world. The world is going to need someone like you. Whatever future you pursue, I hope only that you’ll keep me a part of it. I’d love for you to be an astronaut, but then again, that was/is my dream. You might prefer keeping your feet on the ground like Grandpa Hoyt. And that’s okay 😉 I love you no matter what.

September 9, 2020

Perfectly worded in my opinion, haha. I’m happy to see how wise I was nearly five years ago. And to this day, these words stand.

I drew the High Priestess with this entry. That’s what I felt like, reading this message to you. One day, you’ll feel the same. You are a path between the light and the shadow. Others can look at you and see the light of the Universe. You soak up the shadow, to spare others of experiencing it. Remember to always take good care of yourself spiritually. Cleanse frequently. Immerse yourself into nature. Learn what is best for you to eat and not to eat. Stretch and exercise your body daily, but also learn when and how to rest it. Learn all that you can of ancient energy techniques and beliefs. Look for the metaphors in the texts of our ancestors.

On a more fun note –

I notice I used purple and orange paper for the booklet I wrote in. Halloween colors. Your first year you were a lamb (because I shopped for costumes too late and could only find that one in your size… sadness… but you made an adorable lamb so it was cool). Your second year I had you be a little devil. Third year you chose to be Wonder Woman. A brilliant little superhero. Last year you were Batgirl.

I feel like if you don’t choose a superhero this year or something scary, then I have raised you wrong. Haha, just kidding… kind of. I hope you choose Mulan. I want to be the witch in Mulan. I had your dad buy it the day it came out – on our 8th anniversary.

Eight years… I am happy your dad and I have managed not to kill each other. I say that with humor – we’ve had some out-of-control ups and downs but we’ve settled nicely and know each other well. We both love you with the entirety of our hearts. He is learning better how to raise a daughter, just like me.

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