An Omen of your Power

November 4, 2015

My little love,

I hope you’re warm in there. The skin on my tummy doesn’t register the cold as well, so I hope you’re comfy and I’ll begin taking better care of my belly. Recently I’ve experienced more thunder and lightning storms. While I’ve been pregnant with you, the lightning has been striking from right above the house. In fact, it happened again right now. The lightning flashed several times, about four, all within the blink of an eye. I closed my eyes and put a hand on my chest and one on you, while leaning against the wall. I took one deep breath before the entire house shook around me from the thunder. I can hear the echoes of this thunder. Feel them. I wonder if you can too… You draw energy in.

September 7, 2020

I remember that night vividly. It was one of the most powerful nights I’ve ever experienced. I could feel the clouds hovering above the house, dripping with magnetic energy. The wind was fierce and droplets of rain were as fat as fingertips. I stood next to the open window on the second floor watching the streets flood. Even now I can still feel the rumble of thunder rippling through my chest, and the strobe of the lightning stealing my vision. The entire house shook.

It was the first time you felt thunder. It vibrated through my being, so I know you felt it too. What a magical night for the both of us. There’s nothing quite like having rain hit your face as the clouds play with lightning.

I’ve made sure you’ve been out in the rain with me – to feel it hit your skin, to enjoy what nature has gifted us. To play and dance in the rain is to cleanse the soul. Do it whenever you can; whenever it rains. That is, so long as you aren’t living somewhere where it rains a lot… I wonder where you’ll live one day…

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