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Exploring the mind, body, soul, and Cosmos
through experience and reflection
in the form of Poetry

Latest Letters to Sitarra

My Addiction to Addiction (Poem)

Addiction is a place that feels like home Where we’re comfortable; accepted; celebrated Addiction shows us a world we wish existed When we’re addictedWe yearn to feel or unfeel – To nibble at numbing pleasureTo find acceptance – Amongst othersBe it real or in our mindAllowing us to act or unact with no hindranceTo feel…

Miracles in Icy Chasms (Poem)

The quiet Earth stills for my sighThe chaos of the Cosmos hasBequeathed me Queen of this RealityRuler of these thoughtsI’m slipping away with each scenarioFired up inFantasies of the futureForgetting about the Instantaneous miracles That happen With each Breath. I remember. I am no lost soul.I am one that remembers who it is.Adorned with the…

Ecstasy (Poem)

We laughed all through the night Candle flickering Galactic symphonies Bellowing from our bellies The jokes are light They illuminate our bond Pulling smiles across our present As we reminisce the past Times when we were Younger, Stupider, Happier Poking fun at how we handled Past arguments Snickering because we’ve been Kicked out of clubs…

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