the mind, body, soul, and Cosmos through experience and reflection
in the form of Poetry

Latest Letters to Sitarra

Rainsnow Flirts

Neon lights through raindrop windowsFlickering open signs The promise of a warm, satisfying nightAs our bodies and minds unwind Liquid loosening playful laughsKisses stolen between our shotsSmiling big for funny photographsAs we envelop each other’s thoughts Beckoning, the night flirts with usWe’re victims of it’s romanceThe rain begins to turn to snowAnd we get closer…

In Yours, In Mine (Poem)

These traces of timeAre etched in the depths of my mindA sinkhole in the cerebral meadow*Where fixation distorts your reception A deep depression from whence I’ve processedAnd still doFrom when I slid into the trance of your wordsAnd it was myself I no longer understoodIt’s where I went wrong with action,Where I sealed my own…

My Addiction to Addiction (Poem)

Addiction is a place that feels like home Where we’re comfortable; accepted; celebrated Addiction shows us a world we wish existed When we’re addictedWe yearn to feel or unfeel – To nibble at numbing pleasureTo find acceptance – Amongst othersBe it real or in our mindAllowing us to act or unact with no hindranceTo feel…

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